You’ve been running for thirteen miles. The finish line is in sight, straight ahead. You push just a little bit harder, when all of a sudden pain shoots up through your knee, so strong it brings you to the ground. You think maybe you stepped wrong, so you take a breath and try to stand. Your knee is now on fire, and won’t support any weight. You’re stuck, and the race is over.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Even if this exact situation hasn’t happened to you, chances are if you are active, you have suffered some sort of injury. Perhaps you’ve suffered multiple injuries of the same sort and can’t seem to stop getting hurt. Or maybe every time you try to push a little harder or go a little further, your body fails you. Not anymore. At Olympic Orthopedic Group, our Sports Medicine physicians can help you heal faster and increase your strength to support your performance level.

Our physicians are doctors who have specialized beyond orthopedics into the treatment of athletes and other physically active people. They have vast knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and can help increase your knowledge of how your body works and how to best use it for your performance goals. Sports Medicine is not just for athletes.It is for anyone who is active or wants to become active. Injuries can stem from any kind of physical activity, and our physicians can help prevent and treat them.

A large part of our treatment philosophy is in preventative care. Our goal is to educate you about your body’s individual needs and make you a part of your sports medicine treatment plan. Whether you are training for your next marathon or want to protect your joints while you garden, visit Palmdale’s Olympic Orthopedic Group today.

Knee Surgery & Shoulder Surgery
Arthroscopic surgery allows the orthopedic surgeon to insert a pencil-thin device with a small lens and lighting system into tiny incisions to look inside the joint. This is an out patient service with ninety percent of our patients being able to use their shoulders or knees the same day.